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Introduction and FAQs

At Fatsoma we’re always thinking of new ways to help you have the best experiences possible. But when you’re home after the experience you might want a little more than good memories to remember the experience.

We’ve partnered with M1nty to help event organisers give you the option to have a little something special to remember your experience with, an NFT.

We’re sure you’ll have lots of questions about this new feature, we’ve written responses to some common questions below:

What is an NFT

NFT stands for ‘Non-fungible Token’. Using a piece of technology called the blockchain an NFT gives you ownership of a unique digital item.

Does this show in my orders in my Fatsoma account or will it be somewhere else?

You’ll be able to view the NFTs you have bought in the orders section of your Fatsoma account and you can view your full wallet over on M1nty’s website.

What are NFTs for?

NFTs will give you something more to remember an event by. Think of them like a digital replacement to your physical ticket stubs. NFTs can be used as collectors items, shared, sold and swapped with people.

Can I export this NFT and place it in another wallet/collection?

We have partnered with M1NTY for Fatsoma NFTs. You can find answers to these questions on M1nty’s FAQ page which you can find here, https://m1nty.app/faq.

Who are M1NTY?

We’ve partnered with M1NTY to offer our NFTs. When you buy your tickets M1NTY will create your NFT and store your NFT in your wallet over on M1NTY.

You can find out more about M1NTY on their website, here.

Can I make money on my NFT?

As you own your NFT you’ll be able to sell the NFT for an amount you choose at any time.

Check out M1nty’s FAQs for answers on how to sell your NFTs.

Are NFTs eco-friendly

We’ve partnered with M1NTY to create and store your NFTs. Because of the process that they use, a Fatsoma NFT emits just 1/10th of the carbon of a tweet and you would have to mint 197,000 Fatsoma NFTs to equal the carbon footprint of a single 12” vinyl.

What I can I do with my NFTs

After you have purchased your NFT you own it. You can keep it for your collection, show it off to your friends, or even sell it.

Can I buy an NFT without a ticket?

At the moment NFTs are linked to ticket purchases so you won’t be able to buy an NFT if you haven’t bought a ticket to an event.

Why would I want an NFT?

A Fatsoma NFT will give you something more to remember your event by. Think of it as a digital replacement to your physical ticket stubs.

Can I sell it?

As you own your NFT you’ll be able to sell the NFT.

Check out M1nty’s FAQs page which you can find here, https://m1nty.app/faq for answers on how to sell your NFTs

Can I buy more than one NFT for an event?

You can purchase one NFT per ticket. If you purchase multiple tickets you can purchase multiple NFTs.

Where can I view all my NFTs?

You can see a preview of NFTs in the order section of your Fatsoma account. You can also view all your NFTs in your wallet on M1nty. 

Can I go back and buy an NFT if I change my mind?

At the moment you can only purchase an NFT when you purchase your tickets.

Where do I save my NFT?

NFTs will be saved in your digital wallet on M1nty. If you need more help with M1nty you can find their FAQs here [Minty FAQs]

Can I buy NFTs for every event?

The decision to sell an NFT will be made by an event organiser.

Is an NFT the same as a ticket?

No, your Fatsoma ticket and Fatsoma NFT are different. Only your Fatsoma ticket will grant you entry to an event.

Where are NFTs stored?

The NFTs are stored in the Polygon blockchain and the imagery is stored on the AWS Cloudfront/S3 worldwide content distribution network

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